Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff

Name Position Telephone
Prof. Gil Diesendruck Head of Department 03-531-8594
Ms. Gila Calderon Bocher Administrative Vice Head Department 03-531-8580
Ms. Ayala Bracha MA & Doc Reception 03-531-7671
Mr. Ezequiel Kupferman Secretary of the Head of Department 03-531-7673
Ms. Zehava Petraro BA and MA Reception 03-5317672
Mr. Duby Moskovitch Bi Lingual Secretary 03-531-8539

Technical Staff

Name Position Telephone
Mr. Yosi Gadot Computing Counselling 03-531-8545
Mr. Shimshon Said In Charge of Techical Equipment and Maintenance 03-531-8546


Name Position Telephone
Mr. David Gordon Library Director 03-531-8261
Ms. Chaya Beinsovitz Librarian 03-531-8261
Ms. Natale Kocher Librarian 03-531-8261

Examination Library

Name Position Telephone
Mr. Or Peer In charge of the Examination Library 03-531-7504

Therapy Clinics

Name Position Telephone
Prof. Ilanit Hasson-Ohayon Therapy Clinic Administrator 03-5318477
Prof. Tuvia Perry Therapy Clinic Administrator 035317940
Ms. Adi Lavi Therapy Clinic Coordinators 03-531-8541
Ms. Zahavi Tara Therapy Clinic Coordinators 03-5318541