Würzburg Summer Module Course on Mindfulness - Department of Psychology

We are pleased to announce Mindfulness 2021, Würzburg Summer Module Course on Mindfulness, which will be held online on July 19-23, 2021.

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In this Summer Module Course “Mindfulness – from neurobiology to psychotherapy”, international experts will introduce you to the field of mindfulness, including current research on the neurobiological bases of mindfulness and practical therapeutic applications. The course offers keynote lectures, hands-on workshops and hot topic discussions. The aim is to give insights into the wide range of mindfulness and highlight not only scientific aspects but also evidence-based practical implications. You will also have the possibility to practice different aspects such as meditation and clinical interviews, and there will be the opportunity for peer discussions, and interaction with the experts.


We welcome applications from graduate students (master, doctoral) in psychology or related fields (e.g., philosophy, cognitive science, neuroscience).


Important Dates:

- Application Deadline: February, 21st, 2021

- Mindfulness 2021: July, 19-23, 2021


Further Information:

- Detailed information for application and a preliminary programme can be found on the Mindfulness-Website:


- Further inquiries can be addressed to: Mindfulness2021@uni-wuerzburg.de




The Mindfulness Module Course is organised by the Intervention Psychology Unit of the University of Würzburg under the direction of Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler.

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