The Bar- Ilan Psychology Department

The Bar- Ilan Psychology Department at the Anna & Max Webb and Family Psychology Building, offers an undergraduate program as well as graduate programs in five specialization fields: Clinical Psychology, Child Clinical Psychology, Clinical-Rehabilitational Psychology, Social-Organizational Psychology and Cognition, emotion and brain (CEB). The departmental faculty includes over 30 senior faculty members, and trains approximately 650 students at all levels of study.

The goal of the department is to provide study programs that integrate theoretical and practical training. This approach is apparent in the faculty members' various research interests and methods, ranging from controlled laboratory experiments on basic psychological processes to field and clinical studies on the efficacy of therapeutic programs.

Research within the department is strongly encouraged. Throughout the years, faculty members of the department have been awarded grants from various funding agencies. These include: The Ford Foundation, US-Israel Bi-National Science Foundation, The National Association of Psychology in Israel, The Ministry of Education, and The Israeli Academy of Sciences.

At the same time, clinical training is also extremely valued. In fact, the Department of Psychology at Bar-Ilan University is the only department in Israel with a fully operational community clinic in site. Students – especially at the graduate level – are privileged to undergo their initial clinical training and practice at this clinic.