Research projects in the department currently funded by external sources.


Last name First name Subject Funder Years
Diesendruck Gil The development of the belief in the reality of social categories Israel Science Foundation 2009-2013
Faust Miriam Metaphor comprehension in young adults with asperger syndrome: the role of the right hemisphere. Israel Science Foundation


Geva Ronny

Development of attention functions in childhood

Israel Science Foundation 2007-2011
Kaplan Danny

Research and International Workshop on Friendship and Nationalism.

Henry J. Leir/Luxembourg Program,
Clark University
Lavidor Michal Schizophrenic and TMS-induced abnormal language lateralization: inhibitory and facilitative processes. Israel Science Foundation 2006-2010
Lavidor Michal Mechanisms of TMS. Israel Science Foundation 2007-2010
Lavidor Michal Start up grant. ERC 2007-2011
Lavidor Michal Neural overlap of gesture and language for symbolic communication. Binational Science Foundation 2007-2011
Miron-Spektor Ella The two wonders of working together: How matching what people know with what they do and shared frameworks contribute to transactive memory system and team performance. National Science Foundation 2008-2011
Rafaeli Eshkol Rejection sensitivity and self-regulation in personality disorders. National Institute of Mental Health 2007-2011
Shulman Shmuel Success and failure in attaining goals among emerging adults: the protective role of personal and social resources. Israel Science Foundation 2005-2009
Shulman Shmuel The extended journey – an experience of Identity exploration or confusion? the role of personal risk and protective factors. Israel Anti Drug Authority 2009-2011
Tuval-Mashiach Rivka Long term Implications of forced relocation on psychological distress and well-being- a follow up study in a sample of Gush Katif evacuees. Israel Foundations Trustees 2008-2010
Weller Aron

An animal model study of the involvement of neuropeptide systems in linking prenatal stress and depression with maternal and child outcomes.

Israel Science Foundation


Weller Aron

Energy balance in the obese CCKA receptor deficient rat.