Administrative Staff

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Administrative Staff
Name Position Phone
Ms. Efrat Uzan Administrative Vice Head Department
Mr. Ezequiel Kupferman Coordinator of Department
Ms. Ayala Bracha Doc Reception
Ms. Adi Laib BA and MA Reception
Mr. Duby Moskovitch M.A Reception
Ms. Shani Kaufman Project Coordinator
Technical Staff
Name Position Phone
Mr. Moran Erlich Computing Counselling
Mr. Shimshon Said In Charge of Techical Equipment and Maintenance
Name Position Phone
Dr. Chaya Beinosovitz Head of Library
Ms. Natale Kocher Librarian 03-531-8261
Examination Library
Name Position Phone
Ms. Dana Stolowicz In charge of the Examination Library
Therapy Clinics
Name Position Phone
Prof. Tuvia Perry Therapy Clinic Administrator 035317940
Dr. Yari Gvion Therapy Clinic Administrator 03-531-8477
Ms. Maya Asher Therapy Clinic Coordinators 03-5318541
Ms. Iris Maon Therapy Clinic Coordinators 03-531-8541