A word from the head of the department

Welcome to the Psychology Department at Bar-Ilan University,

The term Psychology, originally from the Greek language, means the study of the mind. It focuses on theory and research related to the understanding of such mental processes as emotions, cognitions, different consciousness states, motivations, and behavior. Psychology is also interested in translating theory and empirical findings into clinical, social, and organizational practice. Our department is one of the most prestigious departments at Bar-Ilan University and is included among the leading psychology departments in Israel. Topics that are studied, taught and explored in our department include human development, psychopathology, psychotherapy, the connections between brain activity, emotions, and behavior; and organizational and social processes along with ways to implicate them.

Our faculty members are well known internationally for their excellence and high achievements, collaborations with leading universities around the world, and a wide variety of research and practice fields using the latest methods and approaches. The studies in our department allow students to explore various areas in psychology and to gain academic development according to their interests. In the various degrees, we provide tailored experience and training in community psychotherapeutic clinic and organizational clinic that are part in the department, as well as in hospitals and various medical and rehabilitation facilities.

We offer undergraduate, graduate and doctoral study programs in a wide variety of paths. Undergraduate studies include two-track structural programs and an extended one, which offers extensive psychological knowledge, exposure to different laboratory methods and activities and theraputic experience.  Graduate studies offer three options of training: Clinical training that includes comprehensive and in-depth practice referring to life cycle and diverse medical situations that patients encounter, Socio-organizational training that includes practice in applied psychological-social research and organizational counselling, and CEB- cognition, emotion and brain research that includes experimental in-depth research training. In addition, PhD studies can be obtained through a regular, direct, or integrated track, according to various options after completion of a master’s degree.

I invite you to visit our website and read about all the programs, courses, requirements, our unique clinic, and excellent faculty members. You can gain an impression of the research laboratories and advanced equipment for the evolution of mental processes, attention, perception of emotions, language, and memory, based on behavioral observations, psychological indicators, eye movements, EEG and MEG. You can also gain an impression of the extensive activities of the community clinic, which offers psychotherapy services and neuropsychological evaluation for those facing a variety of challenges. The clinic includes a psychotherapy laboratory, enabling research to evaluate effectiveness and the treatment process and outcome. The organizational clinic combines extensive practice and research in a range of applications of organizational psychology.

We are glad that you are interested in our department and invite you to join us!