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Prof. Avi Goldstein

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Brain Research Building / Room 406
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Tuesday 10:00-11:00 By Appointment
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    B.A., Psychology & Biology, Bar-Ilan University (1994)

    Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, Bar-Ilan University (1999)
    Dissertation topic: "The effect of stimulus position in the visual field on word perception: psychophysical and cognitive manipulations"

    Post-Doctoral research at Beckman Institute and University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (1998-99), Cognitive Electrophysioloy, Event-Related Brain Potentials


    Recent Publications

    Pratt, M., Goldstein, A., Feldman, R. (2018). Child brain exhibits a multi-rhythmic response to attachment cues. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience

    Levy, J., Goldstein, A., Pratt, M., Feldman, R. (2018). Maturation of empathy for pain from child to adult shifts from single to multiple neural rhythms to support interoceptive representations. Scientific Reports8, 1810. 

    Zeev-Wolf, M., *Dor-Ziderman, Y., Goldstein, A., Bonne O., Abramowitz, EG. (2017). Oscillatory brain mechanisms of the hypnotically-induced out-of-body experience. Cortex, 96, 19-30

    Levy, J., Goldstein, A., Feldman, R. (2017). Perception of social synchrony induces mother-child gamma coupling in the superior temporal sulcus.  Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 12, 1036-1046

    Sauer, A., Zeev-Wolf, M., Wacogne, C., Wibral, M., Helbling, S., Peled, A., Grinsphoon, A., Goldstein, A., Singer, W., Uhlhaas, P. (2017). Impairment in predictive processes during auditory mismatch negativity in schizophrenia: Evidence from event-related fields. Human Brain Mapping. doi:10.1002/hbm.23716 

    Pratt, M., Goldstein, A.,Levy, J., Feldman, R. (2017). Maternal depression across the first years of life impacts the neural basis of empathy in preadolescence. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 56, 20-29. 

    Globerson, E., Granot, R., Tal, I., Harpaz, Y., Zeev-Wolf, M., Goldstein, A.(2017). Brain responses to regular and octave-scrambled melodies: a case of predictive-coding? Journal of Experimental Psychology:Human Perception & Performance, 43, 487-498.

    Levy, J., Influs, M., Goldstein, A., Masalha, S., Zagoory-Sharon, O., Feldman, R. (2016). Adolescents growing up amidst intractable conflict attenuate brain response to pain of outgroup. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113: 13696-13701

    Levy, J., Vidal, J.R., Fries, P., Démonet, J-F., Goldstein, A. (2016). Selective neural synchrony suppression as a forward gatekeeper to piecemeal conscious perception. Cerebral Cortex26:3010-3022. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhv114 

    Levy, J., Goldstein, A., Zagoory-Sharon, O., Weisman, O., Schneiderman, I., Eidelman-Rothman, M., Feldman, R. (2016). Oxytocin selectively modulates brain response to stimuli probing social synchrony. NeuroImage124, 923-930. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.09.066 

    Arviv, O., Medvedovsky, M., Sheintuch, L., Goldstein, A., Shriki, O. (2016). Deviations from critical dynamics in inter-ictal epileptiform activity. Journal of Neuroscience, 36:12276-12292.

    Herz, N.,Reuveni, I., Goldstein, A., Peri, T., Schreiber,S., Harpaz, Y.,Bonne, O. (2016). Neural correlates of attention bias in posttraumatic stress disorder: a MEG Study. Clinical Neurophysiology, 127:3268-3276. 

    Berkovich-Ohana, A., Glicksohn, J., Dotan Ben-Soussan, T., Goldstein, A. (2017). Creativity is enhanced by long-term Mindfulness training, and is negatively correlated with trait default-mode-related gamma connectivity. Mindfulness, 8, 717-727. doi:10.1007/s12671-016-0649-y.

    Zeev-Wolf, M., Goldstein, A., Bonne, O., Abramowitz, EG. (2016). Hypnotically induced somatosensory alterations:toward a neurophysiological understanding of hypnotic anaesthesia. Neuropsychologia, 87:182-191. 

    Eidelman-Rothman, M., Goldstein, A., Weisman, O., Schneiderman, I., Zagoory-Sharon, O., Decety, J., Feldman, R. (2016). Prior exposure to extreme pain alters neural response to pain in others. Cognitive Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience, 16:662-671.doi:10.3758/s13415-016-0422-7

    Dor-Ziderman, Y., Ataria, Y., Fulder, S., Goldstein, A., Berkovich-Ohana, A. (2016). Self-specific processing in the meditating brain: A MEG neurophenomenology study. Neuroscience of Consciousness, 2016: 1-13.doi: 10.1093/nc/niw019

    Arviv, O., Goldstein, A., Shriki, O. (2015). Near-Critical dynamics in stimulus-evoked activity of the human brain and its relation to spontaneous resting-state activity. The Journal of Neuroscience,35(41): 13927-13941.

    Arviv, O., Goldstein, A., Weeting, J.C, Becker, E.S., Lange, WG., Gilboa-Schechtman, E. (2015). Brain response during the M170 time interval is sensitive to socially relevant information. Neuropsyhologia,78, 18-28.

    Eidelman-Rothman, M., Levy, J., Goldstein, A., Weisman, O., Schneiderman, I., Mankuta, D., Zagoory-Sharon, O., Feldman, R. (2015) Oxytocin affects spontaneous neural oscillations intrauma-exposed war veterans. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience9, 165.doi: 10.3389/fnbeh.2015.00165.

    Levy, J.,  Vidal, J.R., Fries, P., Démonet, J-F., Goldstein, A. (2015). Selective neural synchrony suppression as a forward gatekeeper to piecemeal conscious perception. Cerebral Cortex. doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhv114.

    Yefet, K., Goldstein, A., Rabany, L., Levkovitz, Y. (2015). Impairments of event-related magnetic fields in schizophrenia patients with predominant negative symptoms. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging,231, 325-332.

    Zeev-Wolf, M., Faust, M., Levkovitz, Y., Harpaz, Y., Goldstein, A. (2015). Magnetoencephalographic evidence of early right hemisphere over-activation during metaphor comprehension in schizophrenia. Psychophysiology, 52, 770-781.

    Riwkes, S., Goldstein, A., Gilboa-Schechtman, E. (2015). The temporal unfolding of face processing in social anxiety disorder – a MEG study. Neuroimage: Clinical, 7, 678-687.doi: 10.1016/j.nicl.2014.11.002.

    Harpaz, Y., Robinson, S.E., Medvedovsky, M., Goldstein, A. (2015). Improving the Excess Kurtosis (g2) method for localizing epileptic sources in magnetoencephalographic recordings. Clinical Neurophysiology. 126, 889-897. doi:10.1016/j.clinph.2014.09.002.

    Zeev-Wolf, M., Goldstein, A., Levkovitz, Y., Faust, M. (2014). Fine-coarse semantic processing in schizophrenia: A reversed pattern of hemispheric dominance. Neuropsychologia, 56, 119-128.

    Tibon, R., Vakil, E., Levy, D. A. Goldstein, A. (2014) Episodic temporal structure modulates associative recognition processes: An MEG study. Psychophysiology, 51634-644.

    Dotan Ben-Soussan, T., Avirame, K.,  Glicksohn, J.,  Goldstein, A., Harpaz, Y., Ben-Shachar, M. (in press). Changes in cerebellar activity and inter-hemispheric coherence accompany improved reading performance following Quadrato Motor Training. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 8:81.

    Ben-soussan, T.D., Berkovich-Ohana, A., Glicksohn, J., Goldstein, A. (2014). A suspended act: increased reflectivity and genderdependent electrophysiological change following Quadrato Motor Training. Frontiers in Psychology,  5:55.

    Berkovich-Ohana, A., Dor-Zaiderman, Y., Glicksohn, J., & Goldstein, A. (2013). Alterations in the sense of time, space and body in the Mindfulness-trained brain: A neurophenomenologically-guided MEG study. Frontiers in Psychology, 4, 912.

    Dor-Zaiderman, Y., Berkovich-Ohana, A., Glicksohn, J., & Goldstein, A. (2013). Mindfulness-induced selflessness: A MEG neurophenomenological study. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

    Berkovich-Ohana, A., Glicksohn, J., & Goldstein, A. (2013). Studying the default mode and its Mindfulness-induced changes using EEG functional connectivity. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

    Harpaz, Y., Lavidor, M., Goldstein, A. (2013). Right semantic modulation of early MEG components during ambiguity resolution. Neuroimage, 82, 107-114.

    Dotan Ben-Soussan, T., Glicksohn, J. Goldstein, A., Berkovich-Ohana, A., Donchin, O. (2013). Into the square and out of the box: The effects of Quadrato Motor Training on creativity and alpha coherence. PLoS ONE 8(1): e55023.

    Goldstein, A.,  Arzouan, Y., & Faust, M. (2012). Killing a novel metaphor and reviving a dead one: ERP correlates of metaphor conventionalization. Brain and Language, 123, 137-142.

    Shaul, S., Arzouan, Y., Goldstein, A. (2012). Brain activity while reading words and pseudo-words: A comparison between dyslexic and regular readers. Int J Psychophysiology,84, 270-276.

    Gao, Z., Goldstein, A., Harpaz, Y., Hansel, M., Zion-Golumbic, E., Bentin, S. (2012). A magnetoencephalographic study of face processing: M170, Gamma-band oscillations and source localization.Human Brain Mapping.

    Tibon, R., Vakil, E., Goldstein, A., Levy D.A. (2012). Unitization and temporality in associative memory: Evidence from modulation of context effects. Journal of Memory and Language, 67, 93-105.

    Weisman, O., Feldman, R., Goldstein, A (2012). Parental and romantic attachment shapes brain processing of infant cues. Biological Psychology, 89, 533-538.

    Berkovich-Ohana, A., Glicksohn, J., Goldstein, A. (2012) Mindfulness-induced changes in gamma band activity - implications for the default mode network, self-reference and attention. Clinical Neurophysiology, 123, 700-710.

    Jakoby, H. Goldstein, A., Faust, M. (2011). Electrophysiological correlates of speech perception mechanisms and individual differences in second language attainment. Psychophysiology, 48, 1516-1530.

    Arzouan, A., Solomon, S., Faust, M., Goldstein, A. (2011). Big words, halved brains and small worlds: Complex brain networks of figurative language comprehension. PLoS ONE: 6(4): e19345

    Ramon, D., Geva, R. Goldstein, A. (2011). Trait and state negative affect interactions moderate inhibitory control performance in emotionally loaded conditions. Personality and Individual Differences, 51, 95-101.

    Goldstein, A., Revivo, K., Kreitler, M., & Metuki, N. (2010). Unilateral muscle contractions enhance creative thinking. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 17 (6), 895-899.

    Gold, R., Faust, M., & Goldstein, A. (2010) Semantic integration during metaphor comprehension in Asperger syndrome. Brain & Language113, 124-134.

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