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2016-Present: Senior Lecturer (tenured)– Bar-Ilan University – Psychology Department (Social/Organizational area).

Elena Stephan received her Ph.D. in social psychology from Tel-Aviv University, Israel in 2006. She then joined the School of Psychology, University of Southampton, England, as a post-doctoral research fellow. Since 2011, Elena is at the Department of Psychology, Bar-Ilan University: Director of the Social Cognition and Motivation Lab, Head of the Social and Organizational Area.


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Cross-cultural research:

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Number Name Year Hours
6091201 Social Psychology - MA 2013-19 Wednesday 12-14
6049501 Psychological Distance Aspects in Interpersonal Relations - BA 2011-19 Wednesday 10-12
6075701 Social Cognition: Understanding the Self and Others - MA, PhD 2011-12  
6091301 Advanced Research in Social Psychology - MA 2011-19 Tuesday 12-14
6057801 Social Cognition and Interpersonal Processes - BA 2013-14  
6092101 Social  & Organizational Psychology seminar - MA 2011-19 Wednesday 14-16
6097801 Language, Cognition and Interpersonal Communication - MA, PhD 2012-14  
6020901 Introduction to Social Psychology - BA 2011-13  
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