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  • B.A., Social Science, Psychology Major, 2007
    The Open University of Israel, Magna Cum Laude
  • M.A., Psychology, 2009
    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    Advisors: Yoella Bereby-Meyer and David Leiser
    Thesis title: Pitfall or Scaffold? Anchoring effect in configuration problems
  • Ph.D., Psychology, 2014
    Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    Advisor: Yoella Bereby-Meyer
    Thesis title: The role of cognitive-control in social preferences


Academic Positions

2018 (Autumn) Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

2015- present   Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Department of Psychology, Bar-Ilan University

2014- 2015        Post Doctoral Visiting Scholar, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

2013 -2014        Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Psychology, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev



תחומי מחקר

I study judgment and decision-making processes, focusing on topics such as altruism, fairness, trust, reciprocity, cooperation, conflict resolution and unethical behavior. Additionally, I have a specific interest in the interplay between dual processes such as intuition and reasoning, emotions and emotion-regulation, and automaticity and self-control.  In my work I try to capture the effects of such dual processes, and their interplay, on the way we form our judgments and decisions both in individual and in social contexts.

קרנות מחקר

2018-2019       The Negotiation and Team Resources Institute. NTR-Peterson Research Grant.
                         Subject: Divide-and-Conquer: Harmful Third Parties Undermine Cooperation in Groups.
                         Total amount: $10,000

2017-2021       The Israeli Science Foundation. Individual Research Grant.
                        Subject: Morality, Interests, and Intervention: Disputants and Third-Parties in interpersonal                              and intergroup Conflict.
                        Annual amount: 186,000 NIS; Total amount: 744,000 NIS

2017-2020       The Israeli Science Foundation. Research equipment support.
                        Total amount (including institutional matching): 691,000 NIS

2015                Jerusalem Crime Group and the Israel Law ReviewSmall Research Grant.
Effective Law Enforcement Initiatives (with Yuval Feldman).
                        Total amount: $2,500

2012                ISEF - Israel Scholarship Education FoundationSmall Research Grant for PhD                                        students. 
                        Total amount: 3,000 NIS

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